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EdgeCool components

Efficient. Versatile. Reliable. Portable.

EdgeCool’s patented technology delivers revolutionary in-rack cooling to support your IT functions.

The EdgeCool 5 Series transforms your server rack into a portable, energy-saving server room. The revolutionary, patented solution is the only split system designed for self-contained operation. The powerful evaporator and condenser units require no additional floor space and work with nearly any new or existing server rack.

The A5 Evaporator maximizes cooling efficiency and versatility.

  • Variable-speed fan adjusts automatically to match heat load inside rack.
  • Uses only 8U of rack space, providing maximum remaining space for IT equipment.
  • Cools up to 3 racks (primary cooling to center rack with side grilles to cool adjacent racks).
  • Return-air inlet located in rear panel of evaporator to capture warmest air in rack.

The F5 Condenser adapts to your needs with flexible installation options.

  • Contains both air-inlet and -outlet grilles on top for direct-to-ceiling ducting.
  • Installs inside, on top of, or outside the rack, adapting to each setting’s unique needs.
EdgeCool components
Condenser Unit

Condenser Unit

   A. Hot Air Exhaust
   B. Service Panel
   C. Sliding Rail
   D. Power Cord
   E. Liquid 3-Way Valve
   F. Gas 3-Way Valve
   G. Filter

Condenser Unit

Controller Unit

   H. Controller

Evaporator Unit

Evaporator Unit

   I. Cold Air Exhaust
   J. Optional Cold Air Exhaust
   K. Drain Port
   L. Sliding Rail
   M. Filter Panel
   N. Filter
   O. Liquid Pipe Connection
   P. Gas Pipe Connection

Product Specifications

UNIT TYPEEvaporator
Model Number (sold separately)A5F5
Electronic ControlProgrammable
Electrical Charateristics
Voltage Requirements (60 Hz)1 Phase, 115 V
Total Power Consumption1.5 kW
NEMA Plug Configuration5-20P
Cooling Capacity and Power Consumption
Evaporator: 95°F @ 32% RH / Condenser: 81°F
Total Cooling Capacity15,400 Btu/h
4.5 kW
Sensible Cooling Capacity13,600 Btu/h
4.0 kW
Power Consumption1.5 kW
Factory Charge Amount1.65 lb
Operating Conditions (Min-Max)65°F @ 50% RH - 113°F @ 30% RH
Max Airflow520/340/210 CFM (high/mid/low)765 CFM (1 speed)
Enclosure Dimensions17 x 33 x 13 in (8U Rack Space)17 x 34 x 16 in (9U Rack Space)
Max. Sound Level68/60/49 dB(A) (high/mid/low)70/72dB(A) (with duct/without duct)
Net Weight57 lb (26 kg)108 lb (49 kg)

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Evaporator Accessories

Evaporator Rack Mount KitRackmounts evaporator unit inside a standard 19-in EIA rack484009-1560

Condenser Accessories

Condenser Rack Mount Kit - InternalRackmounts condenser unit inside a standard 19-in EIA rack484009-1580
Condenser Rack Mount Kit - ExternalRackmounts condenser unit on top of standard 19 in EIA rack484009-1570
Condenser Mount RailsRackmount adapter rails for deep racks - Internal and external installations484009-1630
Air Plenum KitPlenum for return air to condenser. Includes 12-in duct clamp.484009-1590
Self-Supported Duct, 12-in dia.12-in diameter white, plastic duct that extends 6.5 to 10 feet in length481744-0060
Flexible Air Duct, 12-in dia. 12-in diameter wire-reinforced, accordion-style duct in 10-ft length for condenser air exhaust. Includes clamp.LAY45771-0060
Celling Tile, 12-in hole, plastic24-in x 24-in plastic white tile with 12-in hole for exhaust air self-supported duct.LA146373-8280
Ceiling Tile, 12-in hole, metal24-in x 24-in sheet metal tile with 12-in hole and built-in flange for exhaust air flexible duct kit.484490-1030
Exhaust DiffuserDiverts exhaust air away from intake air for low profile ceilings or industrial areas
Exhaust Flange KitFlange to duct exhaust air away from condenser. Includes 12-in. duct clamp.

Other Accessories

Connection Cable - ExtensionWire Harness A - Power481950-4100
Connection Cable - ExtensionWire Harness B - Signal481950-4110
InsulationFor server rack insulation/condensation prevention. and to improve airflow within the rack.484009-1620
Pump Adapter KitTo attach Little Giant and Beckett pumps. Includes bracket, electrical connectors and packing.484009-1640

EdgeCool brings “best value” in server-cooling for any environment. Get efficiency that pays you back in dollars saved. Let our EdgeCool technical expert spec a system for your environment.

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