About EdgeCool

EdgeCool revolutionizes IT cooling by transforming a server rack into a portable, energy-saving server room. It brings data-center efficiencies down to the rack level—and is the only split system designed for self-contained operation with nearly any rack.

As a brand of DENSO Corporation, EdgeCool is aligned with the world’s largest manufacturer of air conditioning systems and the primary supplier to the automotive industry. DENSO is headquartered in Japan and comprises more than 200 subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide. It employs over 170,000 people in the manufacture and distribution of advanced automotive systems and components, robotics, telecommunication products, and information-processing devices.


  • Direct, targeted cooling for racked equipment—avoids the expense of cooling the entire room.
  • Air flows via hot and cold aisles prevent air mixing—the most efficient server-cooling process available.
  • Variable-speed fan answers heat load on rack—and applies cooling as needed to keep temperatures in optimal range.


  • Ideal in commercial and industrial settings, including oil, gas, mining, and agricultural environments.
  • Perfect for specialty racks, such as noise-dampening (recording and broadcast studios) and seismic (earthquake-prone areas).
  • Works on-site or remotely, in open or sealed racks.


  • Designed for continuous operation (24/7/365).
  • Built to last, even in harsh conditions (e.g., excessive heat, dust, moisture).
  • Equally dependable for primary, supplemental, and backup cooling.


  • EdgeCool moves with the rack—relocate servers at any time and to any space.
  • No building modifications required for installation, no external ducts or components to deal with. Runs on standard 120 V/20 A power.
  • “Room-in-rack” mobility—lets you relocate IT assets quickly to avoid business disruptions.

EdgeCool brings “best value” in server-cooling for any environment. Get efficiency that pays you back in dollars saved. Let our EdgeCool technical expert spec a system for your environment.

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